vrijdag 24 juli 2020

Thinking about thinking.

Thinking about thinking,

and the people who appear in it,
and my love for the silence that I now experience, now that I am with it,
and fill my days.

Why I think that people, who are serious about the environment and humanity, should retreat to the countryside to save a part of humanity, and nature from the great slaughter to come, including through coronavirus, the shortage of healthy food, the environmental problems that have already been set in motion, and the serious stresses that you experience from living in a city.

It is precisely the corona crisis that has shown that people in general cannot keep to any agreements, no matter how well intended, to achieve their safety and run away with it. Revolt and see it as their right to infect each other, under the heading that it is the government that deprives them of freedom.

This back to nature, back to the countryside, and back to the values ​​that arise from a way of living together, which comes from producing your own grown food, supplies, tools and consumer goods. With or without the use of intelligent systems such as internet and computer technology. Even though that will increase the footprint, in the beginning.

I think that life in balance with nature, has a steering influence on being human, and will therefore reduce our footprint to a minimum, precisely because the distance between man, environment and nature is shortened, by this way of living together . And I do not mean that the family has to be undermined by its way of living together, but that there are also possibilities for other forms to flourish, according to preference. What really matters is an agricultural and horticultural method, which gives the people who are going to embody it the opportunity to produce their own products, so that they are not dependent on industrially produced goods, services and food. The entire industry deprives people of its development and opportunities to live in balance with nature. The share of physical and psychological diseases, in the current social system, testifies to this. Everyday work with the hands and feet should be felt as normal again. And that is possible with a clear communication system. So living in small groups, surrounded by nature and with opportunities to communicate with others, who also live that way, gives a lot of possibilities. On the one hand, it will simplify our lives, thereby freeing us from the excessive pressures that our society is now putting on us, due to the surplus of people we have to deal with, because there is no more room, for space.

From this thinking, partly, my method arose, to compost grass-hay, to provide groups of people with the knowledge and skills, to grow their one food, and not to be dependent on society. Central to this thinking is the principle that organic matter serves the bacterial life, in the garden and agricultural land, to provide the same bacteria with energy to break down minerals for the plant, which then serves the same person, as food . Also the way that food takes through our body, not only gives us the vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and minerals, but also directs the body, as part of the total nature and its influences. It is not without reason that the body consists of a large amount of water, and is therefore in direct connection with the environment. Thinking and dreams also affect digestion, and digestion influences our thinking and dreams.
So everything is connected to everything.

This thinking was co-driven by "The Report, of the Club of Rome", presented in 1970, and by reading, among others, Stephen King's book, "The Stand," published in 1978 , where very finely the coronavirus is already predicted.

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