Former environmental activist and writer Paul Kingsnorth

VPRO-TV program Tegenlicht, December 16, 2018


"Cristal clear insight from author Paul Kingsnorth about the impact of humans on nature

The former environmental activist and writer Paul Kingsnorth has retired to Ireland on a rare unspoilt part of the earth. You could say at the end of the world. A portrait of an end-time thinker who nevertheless does not give up hope and continues to believe in the power of nature.

Thinker and writer Paul Kingsnorth was on the barricades early as a conservationist. Both close to home in England and on the other side of the world in Papua New Guinea he resisted the insatiable hunger of the globalizing world for more land, raw materials and stuff. Kingsnorth was one of the leaders of the environmental movement and with his flaming speeches he reached a large international audience. And then he came to repentance. He fell from his belief that mankind could save the world. In his bundled essays 'Confessions of a recovering environmentalist' (2017), he describes how the calculators of this world turned the green movement from within and exchanged the barricades for tie and conference tables. Reducing CO2 emissions became the new gospel, because it was measurable and could be calculated. But according to Kingsnorth, that is an illusion. He thinks that the green movement of today will replace the remaining wild nature into a victory rush for a wind farm or solar farm. The battle is lost."

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