dinsdag 17 september 2019

"became inspired"

News from Patrick from the US:

"I actually came across your blog about a year ago, as I was looking for more information on Alwin Seifert because I had just read a book of his called "Compost." I had bookmarked your page, and returned to it just about a month ago for a deeper look. Since, I have a number of hours reading through the posts, watching the videos... becoming inspired. 

Fortunately, last year I purchased a European scythe from a supplier in Maine, and learned how to use and more or less sharpen it. I have an area about 4-500m2, mostly of grasses and forbs. I had mown it previous to reading your blog, and the grass was dried, sitting in a large pile. The plan was to use it for a "traditional" compost pile which I've had going for a number of years. Joe Jenkins style. But that changed. 

So, using your information, pictures, and videos, I pretty much replicated your method. Yesterday marked the completion of the first big bag. The grasses and forbs are not growing so dense, thus I need to wait a couple of more weeks to mow again so that I have enough hay to complete bag 2. It's hard to believe how much compacted, moist hay a big bag will hold! 

I've included a couple of pics, not for novelty, because I've essentially copied you, but just to let you know that what you do has effects. Also, your blog is beautifully put together, from the videos, to the guitar, to the philosophical underpinnings!"

In proces...
More later...

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