dinsdag 24 januari 2017

New censorship.

Foodlog 26 January 2017:

"Trump censoring EPA :
US President Trump has decreed various government agencies, including EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), forbidden to communicate with the public through their websites, blogs or social media. The White House would also want to get the page with all the available scientific information on climate change offline, which means that years of scientific work is threatened to be lost, writes De Morgen. Anonymous officials speak of censorship. A similar contract to the USDA, the Department of Agriculture, would have been lifted again, The Hill reports. The White House wants to 'reconsider the policy' of the measures and 'references to policy priorities and removal of the previous government initiatives'."

While Lubachs plea to make the Netherlands second after Trump's 'America first' had hits millions of times, helping another Dutchman by Trump to save on undisclosed dates climate of American climate researchers. Trump wants only, by the government authorized users, to have access to the data. The Canadian company Page Freezer, specializing in archiving websites, helps to save the data of such censorship. The Dutchman Michael Riedijk is CEO of the company; He offers PageFreezers services for free. According Riedijk significant climate data is threatening to be lost. Reported Nu.nl."

Sunday with Lubach 22 January 2017.
The Netherlands welcome Trump in his own words:

Trump Land by Avaaz:




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