zaterdag 29 oktober 2016

Flight Behaviour.

From (Dutch) Foodlog: October 28, 2016:

"Why this one-sided emphasis on technology? 
Do we need to go to Mars to save mankind?"

Opinion Bert Van Ruitenbeek, Adviser sustainable agriculture and food:

To Mars...
Here some translated quotes:

"The challenge to restore viability on our planet deserts - where there is room enough - is a small problem compared to bringing small groups of people to a planet where the conditions for a natural existence are totally lacking. We should try to save our civilization and try to deal with all living things around us."

"Will the average African, now in distress due to climate change, be excited about a small elite that possible can continue life on a distant planet? Why not use our money and ingenuity in places in places that are dominated by needs, that also even provide mass migration? It's literally escapism of the highest quality."

"Working on ecological restoration to restore live ability in degraded areas, seems to be a much greater challenge than the escapist research to stay on Mars."

"A laboratory with patented GM crops will not save humanity. Technology should serve instead lead. Always attuned to questions about solutions in the public interest rather than just a few individuals."

"I like a research that gives answers to the real questions and problems of people who, now and in the future, want to give their children a life and food."

"During the commemorating in Hiroshima Obama recalled to the question, whether society can still keep up with the implications of the use of technology."

Read the Dutch article on Foodlog.



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