vrijdag 27 december 2013

About Hestel Tellus.

Hestel Tellus is a social project, set up by two artists-entrepreneurs retirees, to tell about compost farming, making compost and gardening with compost.

We use the grasses and herbs that grow on land that is not used for the cultivation of food plants. In general there are many 'waste lands', such as savannas, prairies, pampas, roadsides and all other 'non used areas' large or small. By composting these plants, we can use the compost to grow food in greenhouses and gardens. And we can improve arable land. It is a means to create huge amounts of fertile soil, by composting apparently worthless wild plants.

What we do on this blog is to spread this idea. Both substantive, applied to our practice of composting, as well as in general, as a subject of discussion.
Read more on: 'Compostfarming is a good idea' and 'Some history and a conclusion'.

Hestel is a combination of Hendrik and Stella. Hendrik is a guitarist and a composer, and I am what people call an artist, because I paint and draw. Our origins lie in the Netherlands and our love is Portugal. We both live with cancer and the Portuguese countryside has been a blessing for us.
In Holland, the composting of grasses was our work and the name of our company was Tellus. So when we talk about composting, we are talking about the experience we have gained in our company and about the things we have learned in the meantime, under the Portuguese circumstances.

Over the years we have developed a composting method, which finds its basis in an agricultural scientific research in the processing of manure in the years 20-40 of the last century. For this you can read: 'The method Krantz'.

We like to share our information with you. And we appreciate your message. Please recommend this blog on the social media. Click some buttons to spread the idea. And you will find an email form in the right column on this blog, for comments and questions



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