vrijdag 24 januari 2014

What is so good about life in the country?

From the city to the country, where life is good. But what is so good about life in the country?

We live on a 'roosters crow' from our neighbors. If there is no wind and the birds don't warble... it's quiet. So quiet, you can hear your veins whiz in your head. There are no other external sounds from near or far. 

There is a road and a river. The river is dry in summer but in winter it's flowing. When the rains pours, you hear the water run. The road sometimes is ridden by a car. Then something happens. It is an experience we are talking about, as an event. Furthermore, there is the work in the garden, the composting and everyday things such as cooking, washing, cleaning the house and repairs.

Not to be distracted by external affairs time becomes all other dimensions. When this place and time merge, image and sound create a space in our mind. Thus a sunset sometimes finds a timbre. And a stone with a particular drawing or shape creates a sense of memory. Watching a healthy plant brings to mind the wish to preserve and to want it flourish forever. Wanting to hold the sensation of the moment letting it fossilize in a warm heart.

Seasons string together and bring light, become a color. Winter is green, spring is yellow, red and white. Summer is golden and autumn is dark gray to black. So everything returns to the land and comes again to life. The circle of being.

Music by António Chainho. 'Improviso em mi menor.'




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